About Us

Goals and Visions

We are a unique facility in Ottawa providing a blend of Healthcare and Skin care services all in one spot. We are committed to providing ethical, honest and client centered services to our people. Our goal is to make our clients feel satisfied and cared for when they leave. Our clients are “our family” at work.


Our vision is to create a world full of beautiful people who stay fit and healthy in generations to come



  1. Are the therapists/practitioners Registered and licensed?
    All our staff are Registered with their respective professional organizations and certified to provide services.
  2. Do we bill directly to Insurance Companies?
    Yes, we can submit direct billing to your insurance companies if your individual plan allows for it
  3. How long are the Assessments and Follow up treatments?
    Our Physiotherapy/Chiropractic assessments would typically take about 1 hour, follow up visits 30min-45min.
  4. What is the duration of Massage Therapy sessions?
    Massage therapy sessions can be 30min, 45min or 60min in length.
  5. What should I wear for the appointments?
    Loose and comfortable clothing is recommended. Exposure to the treating area will be needed so an extra pair of shorts or tank tops are helpful
  6. How do we accept payment?
    We accept payment by cash, credit cards, debit cards or cheque
  7. How early should you arrive for your appointment?
    We request you to come in 5-10min earlier than your actual appointment time to complete the paperwork
  8. Do we accept OHIP or ODSP patients?
    No, we do not accept ODSP or OHIP clients as we are not OHIP licensed clinic. Please visit MOHLTC website or College of Physiotherapist website to find publicly funded clinic near you.
  9. Do we accept Motor Vehicle accident or WSIB patients?
    Yes, we accept MVA, slip and fall and Workplace injury patients
  10. Do we need a Doctor’s referral before start of services?
    No, we do not require a doctor’s note or referral to initiate our healthcare services. If you are claiming services through your insurance plan, you might want to check their requirements.
  11. Is the treatment provided on the day of assessment?
    Yes, treatment is included with the Initial assessment.
  12. Do I need to see a Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor for Spinal decompression therapy?
    You can see either a Physiotherapist or a Chiropractor for SDT as they both are experts in this treatment.
  13. Can the Services of Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage therapy, Traditional Chinese medicine/Acupuncture be billed to the private Insurance company?
    Yes, all our healthcare services are covered through most insurance plans as all the service providers are Registered professionals.


Medical Aesthetics:

  1. Does Consultation for Hair removal or Skin Rejuvenation include treatment on the same day?
    No, our Aesthetician will do a patch test on your skin and will wait for result for 48hours before initiating the first treatment session. All other aesthetic service includes treatment on the day of consult.
  2. Do I need to shave before Hair removal visit?
    Yes, 1 day before the treatment is recommended or on the same day is good too.
  3. Can I get laser or IPL treatment done if I am tanned?
    No, if tanned, you must wait at least 2-3 weeks.
  4. Can I expose treated area to sun after Skin Rejuvenation or Hair Removal?
    No, you need to be properly protected with an SPF of 30-50 strength or covered under clothing.
  5. What is the most appropriate strength of Sunscreen SPF that I should use on a regular basis?
    30-50 SPF.
  6. How Frequently should I apply sun screen?
    Application depends on the type of sunscreen you use. Please review the instructions on the package.
  7. Can I still get a microdermabrasion treatment or chemical peel if I am tanned?
    No, we need to wait at least 2 weeks.
  8. How many laser Hair removal treatments I need to get rid of my unwanted hair completely?
    It is better termed as hair reduction. Everyone is different, but it could take about 8-12 treatments depending on the area size and hair type.
  9. What does IPL skin rejuvenation work on?
    It works on Reds and Browns example Reds: Rosacea, broken capillaries and Browns: Hyperpigmentation.
  10. Can I get an IPL skin rejuvenation while getting my hair removal on my face at the same time?
    No, there should be at least 1-2 weeks a part.
  11. Can Microdermabrasion be combined with chemical peel?
    Yes, it is a procedure called micropeel. Its very safe and gives great results.
  12. How long does a laser treatment last?
    Between 15-45 mins depends on the size of the area
  13. What does the laser treatment feel like?
    The applicator will slowly get warmer till your skin reached the temperature and stays within that temperature range. But if you do feel it is too hot, just let the esthetician know and they can easily lower the temperature a bit.
  14. Is the Skin Rejuvenation or Hair Removal treatment painful?
    No,treatments are comfortable. Some even fall asleep during the treatment.
  15. Can I get Microdermabrasion if I have acne on my skin?
    Not if you have “Active Acne”, you will have to wait until it clears or dries up.
  16. Can I get Laser treatment done while on medication “Accutane”?
    No, you will have to stop the medication at least a year before starting laser treatments.

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