Facials and Skin Rejuvenation in Ottawa

As we go through life, certain environmental factors like sun damage, smog, pollution, cigarette smoke and other toxins change our skin. The changes can be seen as skin discolouration, uneven and acne ridden skin or skin filled with broken capillaries. Even the simple act of aging can cause open pores, spots and discoloration. One of the easiest and least invasive way to really fix these issues is with Facials and skin rejuvenation Ottawa. It is the process of restoring all the youthful health and glow to your skin be delivering intense light pulses to damaged and blemished areas. As the light is absorbed by your skin, it kick starts the development of collagen on the treated areas. This new collagen restores the skin’s youthful look and feel. It removes blemishes and reduces discoloration as well as fine lines. It is an excellent treatment for conditions like Rosacea and Erythema that can cause social embarrassment as well as age spots, flushing and blotchy looking skin. It can be used on the neck, chest, arms and hands.

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Facials and Skin Rejuvenation Ottawa

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