Got into a Motor Vehicle Accident?


Got into a Motor Vehicle Accident?


Getting into a motor vehicle accident(MVA) is not just a physical trauma but also a mental trauma. The body and the mind both go into a state of shock and recovery from this state sometimes requires an extensive amount of rehabilitation.

Depending on the type and severity of the MVA, people can experience different types of injuries, and symptoms can range from very mild to very severe. Injuries affecting neck and lower back areas, knees, forearms and shoulders are known to be more common than the others.  Whiplash and Concussions are commonly experienced in rear-ended accidents.

Physical therapy can help you recover from your injuries and suffering after a motor vehicle accident. Stretching and strengthening exercises, manual therapy by the Physiotherapist and Chiropractor, massage therapy, and electrical stimulation can help you feel better.

This article covers some of the advantages of seeking post- motor vehicle accident treatment.

Why should one take Rehabilitation after an accident?

Fast recovery and getting back to your normal life is the ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, rehab should be started as soon as possible after the MVA.

The longer you wait, the longer or more difficult the road to recovery may become.

How the Rehab works after the MVA

  • Reduces pain and inflammation caused by injury.
  • Restores muscle function, strength, and endurance
  • Improves mobility and flexibility in joints and muscles
  • Encourage muscle recovery through movement and exercises.
  • Return to pre-injury level of day-to-day activities.

Physical therapy and its many exercises can help you recover from ligament, joint, and tendon injuries by promoting muscle tissue recovery.

Massage and other hands-on procedures can reach deeply into the damaged tissues, allowing for a speedier recovery.

Acupuncture therapy is another needle treatment that has several advantages, including a decrease in pain and inflammation, and assisting in faster recovery.

Chiropractor helps in the re-alignment of the joints and improve body mechanics through their specialized techniques.

Advantages of Multidisciplinary or Holistic approach

We believe in following a holistic approach to overall well-being after a car accident. You don’t have to visit different clinics to seek different treatments. All our qualified and registered health professionals have unique treatment techniques, knowledge, and skills to offer as a part of the post-MVA rehab protocol. Our practitioner conducts an in-depth and detailed assessment of all the issues and injuries sustained in an MVA and then sets up an appropriate treatment plan to address all these issues.

Each healthcare practitioner compliments the therapy provided by the others to achieve optimal recovery.

You are not alone in dealing with this traumatic accident. We can help you achieve your highest level of function and abilities after a Motor Vehicle Accident.

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