How Vertigo physiotherapy can help patients improve their quality of life?

Vertigo physiotherapy

How Vertigo physiotherapy can help patients improve their quality of life?

Vertigo physiotherapy helps to treat conditions like vertigo and dizziness, which is a sensation or feeling that makes the person feel like the entire environment is spinning. It can lead to balancing issues and this happens due to the problems in the inner ear. People who have vertigo may often complain that they get a dizzy feeling. In dizziness, a person may feel lightheaded though dizziness and vertigo are two different problems. Many times these occur together.

The causes of both illnesses may differ as well. Vertigo affects people of all ages, and it is not very common among children, but adults who are 20 years or above may face this. Balance problems and vertigo are dangerous for people who are 65 years of age, and older adults may be at risk of getting fractures or many other injuries that can be caused due to fall which is a result of imbalance. So, vertigo physiotherapy is an important factor here. It can help one immensely.

Who is a vertigo therapist?

A vertigo physiotherapist helps people to manage dizziness and vertigo symptoms so they can move without problems. The therapists are movement experts and they have the knowledge and experience to help such patients improve their quality of life. It is a proven fact that physiotherapy exercises can help people who suffer from frequent spells of vertigo or dizziness. This therapy is known as Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy. To understand the therapy you first need to know what the vestibular system is.

What is the vestibular system?

The vestibular system is made of the inner ear parts and brain that help in controlling balance and if the system is damaged it can cause balancing problems, dizziness, and even vision-related issues. In case the damage to the system is permanent then the body has to be retrained for damage compensation.

What is vertigo treatment and what kinds of exercises it includes?

Vertigo physiotherapy treatment or Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy is made of three main types of exercise:


  • Balancing exercises: These exercises differ a lot from habituation or gaze stabilization exercises. The exercises depend on the stimulus that triggers the issue. People find it difficult to balance themselves when they walk on floors that have a pattern, around obstacles, and anywhere outside. It becomes hard for them to do tasks like walking or standing. Moving through the crowds is also a challenge and hence these exercises help people to maintain their balance whenever they face such situations.


  • Gaze stabilization: It is for patients who are unable to control their eye movements especially when they are moving their head. This causes difficulty for a person to observe the surroundings and causes headaches as well. With gaze stabilization exercises people can get control over their eyes and a very common exercise for this is a patient focusing their eyes on the stationary object and moving their head side to side. This helps the patient to separate the movement of the eyes from the head.


  • Habituation: Habituation exercises are the exercises that train your brain gradually to tolerate the incorrect information that comes from the damaged inner ear balance sensors. Firstly, the exercises are performed with eyes open and once the dizziness improves then it is performed with closed eyes. It helps in reprogramming the brain to overlook the defective signals that come from the inner ear and rely on information that is received from eyes and joints or muscles. It helps in compensating for a stable vestibular loss in one ear. The exercises help to reduce the frequency as well as the strength of the dizzy spells. It also allows the brain to build a tolerance level for dizziness.

So, these are the exercises that comprise the Vertigo physiotherapy treatment and helps to improve focus and balance. Some of the exercises can be strenuous. It gets easier with time, but one needs the help of well-known specialists. At our center, you can expect supreme vertigo treatment. Each case of the patient is unique. Our physiotherapists examine and evaluate your condition to lay out a proper exercise plan which can help you recover and improve your quality of life. Our therapists are here to help you anytime. So, call us now and fix an appointment for more details.

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