Massage Therapist Ottawa

Enjoy the benefits of massage therapy
massage therapist OttawaMassage has been used since ancient times to treat physical ailments but it is also beneficial for reducing stress and relaxation. It helps one feel better both physically and mentally.

Our massage therapist Ottawa expert implements the therapy for treating acute and chronic conditions. The therapy works on the body muscles, tissues, and ligaments apart from working on the nervous system. It offers pain-relieving, emotional and physiological benefits.

The therapists exert force while working on the body and this improves the blood circulation in the targeted areas. When the blood circulation improves then muscles receive more oxygen and this leads to the clearance of metabolic wastes and by-products. A molecular response is induced in the body which minimizes the fluid buildup between the tissue cells. Deep tissue massage helps to treat the condition known as edema. It reduces swelling and eliminates muscle stiffness. We offer various massage therapies depending on the condition.

Our skilled massage therapist Ottawa performs various techniques like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, lymphatic massage, geriatrics massage, pregnancy massage, and relaxation massage. Each type of massage is different and needs to be executed systematically so the patient can get the best results. Massage is useful for treating sciatica, muscle strains/sprains, arthritis, sports injuries, accidental injuries, improves mobility, and offers many other benefits.

A proper treatment plan will be designed depending on the severity of the condition, age, and other factors. In addition to physical relief, you will also experience your mood is improved. So book an appointment with our therapist, and the therapist will assess your problem in detail.

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