Skin Types and Home Care.

Skin Types and Home Care.

Skin Types and Home Care.

Maintain your glow D.Y.I. 

Along with in-clinic service, it is important to have the right home care.

Generally there are four skin types (one skin type is really a condition-sensitive) and there can be combinations of these skin types.

The four skin types are: 

We want to threat these skin types at home while going under clinical treatments to get the best results.

Click the picture above to have the video play.

This segment from the Rachael Ray show gives some interesting tips about the different skin types.

Works with your skin. 

This means:
oily skin will be matte,
dry skin will be hydrated,
and sensitive skin will be calm.

Let us introduce you to Naturmed. The ingredients in these products will balance your skin in a really gentle, natural way.

The segments available in Naturmed:

Anti-Aging: Not a skin type.

As we age our skin develops different needs.

Helps to slow down visible aging, along with healing and calming the skin.


This is for oily or acne prone skin.

Regulates oil in the skin and reduces breakouts.

Moisturizing: Keeps normal or dry itchy skin hydrated.

Soothing: Helps to build up tolerance within the skin.

Calms pain associated with sensitivity.

Skin Types and Home Care

Improvement in skin within 21-31 days.

Use the products both morning and night.

Blogs to come:

Mature how to.
How to manage oily skin.
Treating sore sensitive skin.
Maintain the Balance-Dry and Regular Skins.

In these blogs We will introduce each individual product available, some ingredients and their functions.

Do not hesitate to ask our Aesthetitians any questions.

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